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Are looking for a corrosion proof, weather resistant, industrial strength outdoor 911 emergency phone? We've got you covered.

On Guard provides two different types of 911 emergency phones: Landline and Cellular. For our basic Landline 911 emergency phone, you just need to connect it with an existing phone line to be up and operating. If you don't have a phone line or you are using a dedicated phone line, you need to upgrade to our new Cellular 911 emergency phone. Here's how it works, after you turn off the phone line, use that money you have been paying to your telephone company to now pay for your Cellular 911 emergency phone.

On Guard has the most advanced 911 emergency phone technology on the market. Our outdoor 911 emergency phones are being installed anywhere additional safety is needed. Locations such as public swimming pools, college campuses, community jogging trails, industrial plants, stairwells, parking garages, hospitals and gas stations.

If you are using a dedicated phone line or don't have a phone line, select our Cellular 911. If you have an existing phone line to connect with, select our Landline 911. It's all about saving money in the long run. Be sure to take a good look at our Upkeep Program option at check out, this program keeps you from having unexpected high expenses.