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On Guard, Inc. is a world-class emergency communications firm with fifty years experience in the telecommunications industry. In case of an emergency, getting a fast, direct connection to a 911 emergency operator can make the difference between life and death. With that in mind, On Guard, Inc. has designed an emergency phone that is rugged, reliable, and pre-programmed so that 911 calls go directly to the experts, your local emergency dispatcher. Custom programming is available for other uses.

We have created two emergency phone devices that are a class above the rest. One is our Landline 911 phone and our second is our Cellular 911 phone. Both are supported by our industrial-strength, high-impact polymer housing. This housing is weather corrosion resistant and is unique in design. On Guard, Inc. has made it easy for you to follow your state pool laws by installing one of our turnkey 911 phone kits. Our 911 phones can be mounted on virtually any surface. If a freestanding phone is needed, On Guard, Inc. has also designed an easy-to-install pedestal. Our pedestals are made of non-corrosive materials and are equipped with foundation leveling bolts.

Fifteen years ago, we introduced our Landline 911 phone after seeing a need for a customer friendly emergency phone that would call direct to the local 911 emergency operators. This was driven by 19 state laws, which had made it mandatory to have an emergency phone accessible at all public pool locations. Ten years later, we designed our Cellular 911 phone to help our customers to reduce their expenses, by eliminating phone bills. This was such a big benefit some customers have changed their existing Landline 911 phones over to Cellular 911 phones. Due to the sturdy and aesthetically pleasing design, it is now also being used anywhere an emergency phone is required, i.e. poolside, parks, processing plants, ATM's, stadiums, parking garages, etc.

Our 911 emergency phones support a programmable circuit board. Only 911 can be dialed from our phones, unless custom programming is applied. 911 calls directly to the local emergency dispatch center. Our 911 emergency phones are customer friendly. In a crisis situation, completing the emergency call is simple and straightforward, Dial 911 and talk to your local emergency operator.

When you consider all of your benefits and savings, On Guard, Inc. is your solution to your emergency communication needs. Determine your 911 phone equipment according to your savings, then press the order button. Don’t over look our Upkeep Faceplate Program.