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On Guard, Inc. Call Box Offer
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Complete Turnkey Cellular or Landline Call Box ready to install
(Phone, Info Sign and Backplate)
Not Available
A front door that covers the dialing features to help eliminate kids from thinking about playing with the call box.
Open front non-covered dialing features, This will invite kids to play with the device and enhances electronic failure due to direct rain.
Outdoor industrial strength watertight body, protecting the electronics. Product made of non-corrosive material for long lasting operation and appearance.
Painted corrosive material subject to showing age and early replacement especially in the coastal regions.
Using a handset for maximum hearing and voice clarity during an emergency call.
Speaker phones pick up background noise reducing clarity during an emergency call.
User must dial number to reach the dispatch center, this helps to eliminate the push button and run offenders.
Push button and speed dial equipment increases prank calls to dispatch centers and possible charges to your facility.
Direct dial to your LOCAL dispatch center for the fastest life saving response time.
Direct dial to any 3rd party monitoring company will slow down response time and increase unwanted problems.
Informational signage pertaining to the product purpose, location of equipment ID card and warning label for prank callers.